Statham of the Union - Pt. 1

November 8, 2016

President Larry Statham faces his greatest challenge when a group of terrorists attack the State of the Union and now he must figure out what to do.

President Statham - Jason Kaye
Doctor Schaefer - Sam Fickman
Agent Klaski - John Barrett
Colin McHenry - Grady Welch
O'Connell - Charles Pieper
Peggy Statham - Amanda Barnes
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs - John Barrett
Vice President Richardson - Jack Waz
Aide - John Barrett
News Anchor - Greg Goodness
Commentator - Sam Clarke
Pundit 1 - Dave Child
Pundit 2 - Monty Cole
Willard Stevens - Charlie Pieper
House Sergeant at Arms - Sam Clarke
Speaker of the House - John Barrett
Blue Collar Guy - Sam Clarke
Barkeep - Dave Child
Father - Colin Rogers
Driver - John Barrett
Terrorist - Grady Welch
Hicks - Monty Cole
Sven Hogaard - Greg Goodness

Written and edited by John Barrett
Story by John Barrett and Sam Fickman


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